Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Saintswatch - 0 to go

Well it was somewhere in between! A draw at home meant we finished 14th in our first season back in the Premier League. I think most of us would have settled for that! Roll on next season.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saintswatch - 1 to go - UPDATE

We're mathematically safe! Wigan's defeat at Arsenal last night condemned them to relegation.

The question now is, where will we finish?

If Saints beat Stoke, we will end on 43 points with a goal difference of -10 at worst

The highest we can finish is 10th and this would require
a Us to win
b West Ham to lose (at home to Reading - probably not)
c Norwich and Newcastle to fail to win (away to Man City and home to Arsenal - likely)
d Fulham to win by no more than one goal than us. Our goal difference is just 2 better than Fulham and we have scored just one more goal (at Swansea - possibly but not likely)

The lowest we can finish is 17th and this would require
a Us to lose
b Sunderland to win or get a score draw (at Tottenham - unlikely)
c Fulham to draw or lose by fewer goals, the exact equation depending on goals scored
d Villa (against Wigan) to avoid defeat

a Us to draw
b Sunderland, Fulham and Villa to win

The truth will probably be somewhere inbetween!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saintswatch - 1 to go

Sunderland 1 Saints 1 (Puncheon)
Saints come from behind to get a creditable draw although they should have won.

Saints are safe unless the following happens
1 Sunderland avoid defeat at Tottenham
2 Wigan beat Arsenal and Villa
3 Saints lose to Stoke by at least 12 goals

If Wigan are beaten at Arsenal they are relegated (and even a draw is not really good enough considering their GD is 11 worse than Sunderland). Now if they win it's winner takes all at home to Wigan and Sunderland may need a point at White Hart Lane.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Saintswatch - 2 to go - UPDATE

Things looking a great deal brighter following Wigan's defeat last night. A win on Sunday would guarantee survival and a point would be enough if Villa lose to Chelsea on Saturday.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saintswatch - 2 to go

Spurs 1 Saints 0

Gutted to have lost this although I did predict it. We outplayed them for much of the match and were just five minutes from a precious point when you-know-who scored.

As for my other predictions, I got Wigan (w) and Newcastle (d) right. I thought Norwich and Villa would draw, rather than a Villa win

So were are at (Predictions in red)
18 Wigan on 35 points - SWANSEA W, Arsenal L, VILLA D = 39
17 Sunderland on 37 points - STOKE W, SAINTS D, Spurs L = 41
16 Newcastle on 38 points - Qpr W, ARSENAL D = 42
15 Norwich on 38 points - WBA D, ManC L = 39 
14 Saints on 39 points - Sunderland D, STOKE W = 43
13 Villa on 40 points - CHELSEA L, Wigan D = 41
12 Fulham on 40 points - LIVERPOOL D Swansea D = 42
11 Stoke on 40 points - Sunderland L, TOTTENHAM D, Southampton L = 41

This would put us in 15th place ahead of kick-off next Sunday, three places and one point ahead of Newcastle in the last relegation place. On Sunday evening, Wigan - who don't play that day - would replace Newcastle, extending the gap from us to relegation to two points. If Wigan lose to Arsenal on the Tuesday we would need just a point from the Stoke game as Wigan and Villa have to play each other on the last day of the season. Now if we lose to Sunderland then a point could still well be enough.