Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saintswatch - 3 to go

Saints 0 West Brom 3

Very disappointing performance ends a six-match unbeaten run.

With Villa thrashing Sunderland, it's starting to look a little more uncomfortable at the bottom.

18 Wigan on 32 points - have West Brom (a), Swansea (h), [Man City in the FA Cup Final], Arsenal (a) and Villa (h). Prediction W W L D 39 Pts

17 Newcastle on 37 - have West Ham (a), QPR (a) and Arsenal (h). Prediction D W D 42 Pts

16 Villa on 37 - have Norwich (a), Chelsea (h) and Wigan (a). Prediction D L D 39 Pts

15 Sunderland on 37 - have Stoke (h), Southampton (h), Spurs (a). Prediction W D L 41 Pts

14 Norwich on 38 - have Villa (h), West Brom (h), Man C (a). Prediction D D L 40 Pts

13 Saints on 39 - have Spurs (a), Sunderland (a), Stoke (h). Prediction L D W 43 Pts

This would put Villa and Wigan on 39 Pts with possibly Wigan surviving on goal difference. Then would come Norwich, Sunderland, Newcastle and Saints.


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